The Power of Manuka Oil

In the deep areas of our New Zealand mountains, a powerful secret is contained by some of the most delicate flowers. In a place where the clouds and the grass play together, Manuka oil has its birthplace. Mother Nature gives birth to one of her most unique creations to help the healing process of human skin illnesses with a soft touch of real love.

Our desire is to share this great gift with all of the members of our Manukafamily, and because our family is essential, we strive to give the best of ourselves in our products to make this natural product available to all of you. All our products are Antibacterial and Anti-Inflammatory. They are designed with emphasising love and conscience to repair and soothe the skin wild-growing Manuka is sustainably harvested from our organically certified Moewai Farm in Nez Zeland’s Coromandel Mountains.

We assume the compromise with our environment taking care of every detail; we know that is not another way to do it. Produce our excellent oil is a massive process, from one tonne of foliage, we can produce between two to three litres of pure Manuka oil.

Thanks to our passion and our teamwork, we are proud to be the only organic producers of Manuka Oil in the world certificated by IFOAM as well as meeting USDA Organic certification standards.

The healing properties of Manuka Oil aid, the body in repair and rejuvenation, while the antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties work combined to keep the skin clean and clear of the bacterias that can cause skin problems such as eczema, acne, spots and other blemishes.

Thank you so much! My son had bad cradle cap and your Body Lotion has cleared It up after a week of using it!


I swear by this hand cream! It’s the only thing on the market that has cleared my hands 100%. I will always highly recommend this product to anyone that suffers from any type of skin problem. Thanks Maunka Biotic for an amazing product!!


My 7yr old daughter has been suffering from ezcema since she was a baby.
We were recently recommended this product by a family friend who discovered the product in NZ and we gave it a go. Her ezcema has almost disappeared and her skin is the softest we’ve ever felt it. Thankyou!!!

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