People love our certified organic manuka oil and frequently ask to see how we make it.  So, we outlined the process of how we make our organic manuka oil.   Firstly, here is nothing wasted within our whole process. Every part of the plant is used and there are possibilities for all the by-products. The manuka essential oil comes from the leaves of the Manuka plant. Once it has been steaming distilled, the leftover foliage, leaves and branches make excellent gardening mulch. The water used during the steam distillation process is recycled back into the system or stored for use in a range of secondary products.


Around 1 ton of Manuka leaf is cut during each harvest. We harvest around 2 – 3 days per week. We move around the property allowing each section to regrow naturally.

Manuka Oil Production
Cutting Manuka Oil
Manuka Oil Production
Manuka Oil Loading
Manuka Oil on truck
Manuka oil distillation process on farm


The Manuka foliage is then packed into large stainless steel bins that are then taken to the distillation unit. The foliage is compacted as much as possible as this gives a higher yield of manuka oil.


The bins are then lowered into the distillation unit where it operates at 100 degrees C and steams the manuka oil out of the leaves of the plant.

Selecting Manuka Leaves
Manuka Oil Distillation
Manuka Leaves in distillation vat
pure organic manuka oil distilled

Organic Manuka Oil

From 1 tonne of foliage we can produce between 2 to 3 litres of pure manuka oil. The oil is then separated, filtered and rested before being measured and bottled. We take pride in every drop of certified organic manuka oil produced. All of our facilities are operated with care and maintained to ensure we are producing the best quality oil we can.