Below you will find a list of our most commonly & frequently asked questions. Hopefully this answers any questions you have about Manuka Biotic’s ordering, shipping and returns process as well as our privacy, security and ingredients policy.

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Where Can I Buy Manuka Biotic?

You can purchase via the ‘SHOP’ page of this website or check out your nearest stockist on the ‘STOCKIST’ page.

Do I Need To Patch Test?

All of our products are formulated to be extremely gentle for use on children and adults, including those with sensitive skin and safe for people who may be prone to itchy skin conditions. However, as a common sense precaution, we always recommend a test be carried out at least 24 hours prior to first use of any new product. The best places to test are inside the upper arm and behind the ear – don’t patch test on skin that’s already irritated. You can read the best way to skin test here.

I Have Dry, Itchy Skin, What Are The Best Products For Me?

We recommend only using the Body Lotion once or twice a day in conjunction with the Body Wash to help clear the skin of any bacteria on the skin and soothe any inflammation on the skin.

For specific solutions to skin concerns such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Molluscum, and Cradle Cap please look for more information over at our Skin Solutions library here.

I Have Acne What Are The Best Products For Me?

We recommend only using the Face Cleanser once or twice a day before you use Light Day Cream.

Can I Use Your Skincare Range If I Have Sensitive Skin?

Yes.  Our skincare range is full of anti-inflammatory and botanical oils, and calming antioxidants that make it a terrific place to start for dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

We recommend you carry out a patch test prior to using any new skincare product for the first time. A small amount should be applied close to the area of intended use (behind the ear is ideal in this instance). Be sure to listen to your skin: if you do go through any redness, irritation, discomfort during the 24 hrs, then immediately wash the test area and get in touch with our Customer Support Team via support@manukabiotic.co.nz for detailed advice.

How Do I Apply My Certified Organic Manuka Oil To Get Best Results?

Apply a few dots of Manuka Oil on a Q-tip to each blemish or pimples, then let dry briefly and apply any of our skincare creams ( Body Lotion, Light Day Cream or Hand Cream), to add moisture to the skin. Adding a cream directly to the skin where the Manuka oil has been applied is very important since all essential oils are highly concentrated and could potentially cause a reaction. We always recommend that you test any new product you apply to your skin first. You can read the best way to skin test here.

For specific solutions to skin concerns such as Molluscum, and School Sores please look for more information over at our Skin Solutions library here.

Can I Use Manuka Biotic On A Newborn?

We get this question a lot. All of our products are suitable for newborns over three months old, but we recommend you carry out a test prior to using any new skincare product for the first time to check for allergies to any natural ingredients.

We also encourage you to email our helpful Customer Support Team who are always more than happy to assist you in any way they can if you have any specific questions.

Is It Safe To Use Your Products During Pregnancy?

Yes! Our skincare range is loved by many expectant and new mums, who love not having to worry about anything harming your little belly friend. (Or you).

We do recommend consulting your GP/health care professional when pregnant as everyone and every pregnancy journey is different, even with Certified Organic products. The main things our expectant Mum’s need to be wary of in skin care are retinoids and retinol, BHAs (salicylic acid) and oil of Bergamot and some soy products (only because they can worsen hyper-pigmentation). And as we are completely free of these things, and all nasties.   It’s best to always be sure to listen to your skin and do a little test to check for any unknown irritations.

Are Your Products Made With Manuka Honey, I’m Allergic?

None of our skincare range contains Manuka Honey. We use pure essential Manuka Oil, which is steam distilled from the leaves of the Manuka Tree. You can see how we distill our Manuka Oil on our farm in the Coromandel, New Zealand here.

Can I Use Manuka Biotic On My Pets?

Yes! All our products are made from natural ingredients so there is no reason that your four-legged family suffering with any dry, itchy skin cannot enjoy the soothing relief of our products. However, we have never tested our products on animals, but we have many customers that got great results. We recommend if you have any concerns please contact your veterinarian.

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Where Are Your Products Made?

We’re a small family owned New Zealand Manuka Farm who have been operating on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand for over 25 years creating our products and making them available worldwide.

Who Are You Certified By?

New Zealand’s leading organic certifier, Bio-Gro New Zealand, is our Organic Certifier and includes the USDA Organic and IFOAM organic certification programmes. In fact, we are the first certified organic producers of Manuka Oil in the world.

We pride ourselves on our sustainable farming methods and our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our plants grow wild on our farm and we are fortunate to have enough of them only to use about 5-10% of the plants available on our farm in any year. This gives us plenty of options in maintaining the health of our land.

New Zealand certifiers have the highest and strictest standards in the world – allowing no GMO or synthetics when certifying a product. We are also Certified Cruelty Free accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.

Are You Vegan Friendly?

Yes! Our skincare range is 100% vegan friendly, aside from our Hand Cream where we have harnessed the naturally active antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax to give additional moisturiser skin protection for people who are sensitive to cracked hands, cracked heels, or have very dry hands from needing to extensively wash their hands in the workplace.

None of our skincare range contains Manuka Honey. We use pure essential Manuka Oil, which is steam distilled from the leaves of the Manuka Tree. You can see how we make our Manuka Oil on our farm here.

Are Your Products Gluten Free?

Yes, all our products are gluten free. The wheat in our professional solutions is gluten free as it is a derivative of wheat and does not contain the gluten protein.

What Is The Expiry Of Your Products?

On all our products you will find the standard Period After Opening (PAO) symbol which identifies the ‘lifetime’ of a product once opened for the first time and can be used as a guide. Our skincare range carries the symbol that indicates ‘6M’, that means all products can be used for 6 months after opening.

All our skincare products have an expiry date printed on the seal of each tube.

Is Your Packaging Recyclable?

It sure is! All our skincare products are housed in recyclable bottles and tubes. We ship all our products in recycled and recyclable packaging too.

I’m Allergic To Some Preservatives. What’s Benzyl Alcohol and Dehydroacetic Acid ?

Every skin care product needs some form of preservative, and at Manuka Biotic we use nasty-free ones, readily available in nature. We use this in our Body Lotion, Light Day Cream. It is a naturally occurring compound commonly found in fruits, teas and essential oils like jasmine, hyacinth and ylang ylang. It is part of Geogard 221 which is a very mild preservative, and is non-sensitising and non-irritating, not to mention globally approved (even in Japan where it’s tough to get approval).

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Where Can I Buy Manuka Biotic?

You can purchase via the ‘SHOP’ page of this website or check out your nearest stockist on the ‘STOCKISTS’.

What Payment Options Do You Accept?

We accept Visa, Amex, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal.

What Is The Cost Of Shipping?

The cost of shipping for all orders in New Zealand is $5.75
The cost of shipping for all orders in Australia is $7.75

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes, we deliver around the world. Please contact our Customer Support Team if you have any questions or need more support.

Will Customs Be Charged On Gift Order Going Overseas?

While the order is a gift, and the parcel could be marked as such, customs authorities still require the value of the gift item(s) to be declared onto the parcel. To receive the parcel the gift recipient could be charged import duty and sales tax charges, which must be paid by them directly. We would recommend checking these requirements with the relevant local authority before placing an order.

How Long Will It Take For My Product To Get To Me?

All New Zealand online orders are sent via courier and anticipated to be delivered with 2- 4 business days. The only exception is for rural areas when it can take 5- 6 business days.

All Australian online orders as sent via Australia Post standard shipping are anticipated to be delivered within 3-7 business days for QLD, VIC, NSW and 7- 10 business days for SA, WA, and TAS .

All international orders are anticipated to be delivered within 10- 15 business days (depending on customs clearance).

How Do I Check On My Order?

We’ll send you an email with a link to your tracking info once your goodies have been despatched.  If you can’t find it in your inbox don’t worry! Just shoot an email to support@manukabiotic.co.nz and they’ll give you detailed tracking info.

My Order Has Not Been Delivered?

If you have not yet received your order, and an attempted delivery card has not been left, please contact our friendly Customer Support Team,  who will be more than happy to investigate this for you.

I Have Sent An Email But Have Not Received A Reply?

We endeavour to get to your emails within 48 business hours. We never leave any email unreturned so please don’t worry we will get back to you. If your enquiry is urgent you can always go to our Facebook page and leave us a question there which is normally answered within 24 hrs.

Can I Use More Than One Coupon Code Offer?

All coupon codes are valid as 1 use per individual purchase at any given time unless specified otherwise. Please note that only 1 coupon code can be used per purchase. All coupon codes will not be valid after the expiry date as per terms and conditions of each coupon code. Coupon codes will not be available on sale items.

Can I Use A Coupon Code During A Storewide Sale?

All coupons codes are not valid for use during a storewide sale. If you sign up to our newsletter during a storewide sale your 15% off code will be valid on your second order. No other discounts or offers are available as per terms and conditions of a storewide sale. Valid times and dates are strictly adhered to.

If you have opened your products and have another concern, please complete the Returns Form below.

We do not accept returns on our products unless they fall within the (CGA) & ACCC Consumer guarantee.

How Do I Return A Product To You?

Please email our friendly Customer Support Team who will be happy to assist you further.

How Do I Return A Product I Purchased From A Stockist?

Products purchased in stockists stores can be returned back to the store, with proof of purchase, within 14 days for a refund or exchange.

No Luck Finding The Answer To Your Question?

Send our Customer Support Team an email.  We love hearing from you.


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