More and more people are making the switch to clean beauty and choosing natural skin care to help them look and feel healthier.  According to the Chemical Safe Skincare Campaign, the average woman will introduce up to 175 chemicals to her skin every day and the majority will be absorbed into the bloodstream. This can cause a build-up of toxins, burdening the body.  So, it’s time to make the switch to natural skincare alternatives.  Try it today. Your Skin Will Thank You For It.  We promise.

Natural cleansers for a fresh complexion

Cleansing is by far the best thing you can do for your complexion. Every day your skin comes into contact with dirt, oil, grease and airborne pollution. Chemical-based foundation lotions and colour cosmetics are essentially skin pollutants which can have adverse effects if not regularly removed.

The only defence against all this pollution is cleansing. This must be deep enough to be effective, but still very gentle to avoid damaging or drying your skin.

Suitable for all skin types, our best- selling naturally purifying Face Cleanser is an all-arounder designed with natural antibacterial ingredients such as Manuka oil, Witch Hazel, and anti-aging Green Tea extract which are great for spot-prone skin because they are so effective at drawing out impurities from the skin and controlling bacteria without aggravating sensitive skin leaving it feeling soft, balanced and purified. Tip: Never wash your face with very hot or ice cold water – both can cause broken capillaries.

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Marvellous moisturisers for nourished, healthy skin

Along with cleansing, moisturising your skin is essential. The basic law of beauty is that everyone, no matter what skin type they have, should moisturise. Even if your skin is oily it will benefit from a moisturiser.

Moisturising is all about keeping the skin fit for fighting against external problems and to support normal skin function. Moisturisers seal moisture into the skin. So how much should you moisturise? Your skin will tell you. When your skin is tight, it’s crying out for moisture. The perfect moisturiser for your skin should go on your skin without feeling greasy and should never irritate or burn.

Avoiding chemical based products and instead using a natural moisturiser rich in vitamins will protect and nourish your skin leaving it feeling hydrated and healthy. Our Light Day Cream moisturiser will nourish your skin, with all the calming herbs we have infused in it like Camellia Oil, Vitamin E, Manuka Oil and the amazing Totarol Extract – a potent antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound extracted from recycled New Zealand totara wood.  It will help protect your skin against free radical damage and deliver an instant moisture infusion that lasts at least 8 hours.

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Below, we’ve outlined the top three best practices for taking care of your skin. Implement these tips to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

1. Wash your face in the morning and evening and moisturiser

In the morning, use lukewarm water and facial cleanser to gently wash your face. Try not to use bar soap as it removes moisture from your skin.
Once you’ve washed, rinse thoroughly and blot your face dry and apply a moisturiser.

In the evening, wash, rinse, and apply moisturiser again that will hydrate and aid in protecting against free radical damage. If you wear makeup during the day, make sure you remove it with our naturally purifying face cleanser beforehand.

2. Improve your physical health

Our skin demonstrates how healthy our bodies are. Habits like eating poorly, smoking cigarettes, and failing to get enough sleep all affect how your skin looks.

Perhaps the most important change you can make is to quit smoking cigarettes. Smoking decreases blood flow, preventing your skin from getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs. It also reduces your skin’s elasticity, which creates wrinkles.

Next, is drink enough water.  Hydration is especially important in the South, where high temperatures and humidity leach moisture from your skin and cause you to sweat throughout the day. Based on your weight and gender, you should drink between 9 and 13 cups of water each day.

Diet and sleep also play significant roles in epidermal health. Foods rich in vitamin C give your skin a healthier appearance. Sleep helps you mitigate stress. Without enough rest, you may get dark circles beneath your eyes.

3. Stay out of the sun

The sun causes more skin damage than any other culprit listed in this blog. While it’s always necessary to have some layer of SPF protection on your skin, the sunscreen added after you apply a moisturiser to stop sun exposure during the summer months.

Try to wear baseball caps and wide-brimmed hats to keep your face shaded. If you’re working outside between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to cover your arms and legs. Consider getting sun-protective pants and shirts that effectively block ultraviolet rays from penetrating to your skin.

New Zealand really does have some of the most incredible natural ingredients in the world. Try it today. Your Skin Will Thank You For It.  We promise.