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Our products are helping 1000’s of people with problem skin. They are 100% natural and made with Certified Organic Manuka Oil.

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People getting results
Thank you so much! My son had bad cradle cap and your Body Lotion has cleared It up after a week of using it!
I swear by this hand cream! It’s the only thing on the market that has cleared my hands 100%. I will always highly recommend this product to anyone that suffers from any type of skin problem. Thanks Maunka Biotic for an amazing product!!
My 7yr old daughter has been suffering from ezcema since she was a baby.
We were recently recommended this product by a family friend who discovered the product in NZ and we gave it a go. Her ezcema has almost disappeared and her skin is the softest we’ve ever felt it. Thankyou!!!

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Organic Manuka Oil Skin Care

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