Rosacea, often considered a women's skincare concern, affects men too. The persistent redness, visible blood vessels, and discomfort can be especially challenging. But fear not, gentlemen, as this guide will walk you through understanding rosacea and introduce you to the Manuka Biotic range – your ally in the soothing this skin condition.


Understanding Rosacea: It's Not Just for Women

Rosacea doesn't discriminate based on gender. While it's true that women are often more vocal about skincare concerns, men can experience rosacea just as intensely. The redness, bumps, and irritation can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. It's crucial to recognise that you're not alone in this struggle.


The Manuka Biotic Advantage

Manuka Biotic understands that men have unique skincare needs, especially when dealing with rosacea.  Our range of natural skincare products, infused with certified organic Mānuka oil, is tailored to address these specific concerns. Research shows that Mānuka Oil is a potent ingredient, loaded with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. Here are the options available:


1.  Foaming Face Cleanser

Gentle yet effective, this Foaming Face Cleanser is designed to cleanse without aggravating inflammation. It removes impurities, leaving your skin clean and refreshed. 

If you don't like a foaming cleanser, we have got you covered! You will appreciate the gel formula of our Blemish Control Face Wash. 

2. Blemish Control Face Wash

When rosacea flares up and causes bumps, this Blemish Control Face Wash can provide relief. It's specially designed to target these stubborn spots and reduces the redness of any rosacea pimples.

3. Manuka Biotic Light Day Cream

Hydration is key to managing rosacea. This Light Day Cream provides the moisture your skin needs without clogging pores or causing irritation.

4. Manuka Biotic Hand Cream

If you prefer a thicker, non-greasy cream, our Restorative Hand Cream is the perfect choice for you. It's fantastic for overnight use as it helps soothe flare-ups all over the face, body and hands. For an instant cooling effect on any aggravated redness from the day, simply pop a tube into the fridge. Overnight recovery is crucial, and this hand cream is specially formulated to be thicker, nourishing your skin while you sleep, promoting healing, and reducing redness.


Taking Control of Rosacea: Your Action Plan

In addition to using the Manuka Biotic range, here are some essential steps you can take to manage rosacea effectively:

1. Avoid Triggers

Identify what triggers your rosacea flare-ups. Common triggers include spicy foods, alcohol, extreme temperatures, and stress. By avoiding these triggers, you can reduce the frequency and severity of outbreaks.

2. Gentle, Natural Skincare

Stick to a skincare routine that includes mild, non-abrasive and pH balanced face cleansers and moisturisers. Harsh products can exacerbate rosacea symptoms.

3. Sun Protection

Shield your face from the sun's harmful rays by wearing hats and applying sunscreen. Sun exposure can worsen rosacea symptoms.

4. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.

5. Stress Management

Practice stress-reduction techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, or yoga to minimise the emotional and physical impact of stress on your skin.

Reclaim Your Confidence

Rosacea may be a formidable opponent, but with the right tools and a proactive approach, you can manage its symptoms and regain your confidence. Manuka Biotic's skincare range for men is designed to support you in this journey, providing soothing relief and comfort to your skin with you experience flare-up's.

Don't let rosacea hold you back. Embrace a natural  skincare routine tailored to your needs.  




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